Oil pipeline is at a standstill - Habeck's declaration of life is still pending

RRB pipeline, May 05.05.2022th, 12 9 p.m. - The RRB oil pipeline has been at a standstill since this morning at XNUMX a.m. Once again, citizens of the last generation activated the emergency shut-off systems in two places in the face of the climate emergency and stopped the flow of oil. Because what, they ask, if the destruction of billions of lives is not an emergency?
Edmund Schultz (58) on the way to turn off the pipeline

The Last Generation, with its disruptions, is demanding that the federal government decide against fossil fuels and for life. Robert Habeck should make a declaration of life and declare: There will be no new fossil infrastructure, especially no new oil drilling in the North Sea.

Edmund Schultz (58)

"We are in a climate emergency. Further fossil infrastructure amounts to a declaration of war on the Pacific island states. As the President of the island nation of Palau Surangel Whipps Jr said: We might as well drop bombs on his country. And yet the federal government plans to continue expanding fossil fuel infrastructure! I'm not taking part in that anymore!“, explains the project manager Edmund Schultz (58) from Braunschweig, why he peacefully activated the oil pipeline's emergency system again.

Destroy fossil fuels. They finance bloody wars and destroy our climate. They are fueling floods, heat deaths and the collapse of our civilization. Nevertheless, FDP leader Lindner wants to drill for oil in the North Sea. And the Green Economics Minister Habeck is examining exactly that. 

Lukas Popp (23)

"Pumping money now into expanding this outdated and destructive technology and setting up oil platforms in the Wadden Sea National Park is madness - fossil madness! We don't need new fossil fuel infrastructure. We need a declaration of life from the federal government: a declaration that it will work FOR the protection of life instead of against it. A sign that our government is ready to take the first step in the right direction instead of continuing in the wrong direction.“, explains Schreiner from Munich Luke Popp (23), why he joined the protests and is stopping the flow of oil today.

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