Last generation continues pipeline blockages - no new oil on Labor Day

Germany, May 1, 2022, 11 a.m. - On Labor Day, people of the last generation are once again peacefully turning off crude oil pipelines in several places in Germany. They demand from the federal government: “Stop the fossil madness!” – a lifelong declaration by Minister Habeck that there will be no new fossil infrastructure, especially no new oil drilling in the North Sea.

Wolfgang Metzeler kick at the RMR Pipeline

Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick, technical environmental protection engineer, while peacefully turning off the RMR pipeline today: “Our federal government leaves us no choice with its suicidal course. She knows what further drilling in the North Sea and the expansion of the fossil infrastructure mean. This means that in the future millions of people will die from heat, lose their homes or have to fight for food and water, including here in Germany.”

Wolfgang Metzeler kick
Wolfgang Metzeler kick

He further says: “And yet our government is financing the construction of liquid natural gas terminals with billions of taxpayers' money and planning new oil rigs off our coasts. We will come back again and again and peacefully turn off pipelines all over Germany. We will only stop when the government stops its fossil fuel madness and makes a declaration of life!”

With its action on Labor Day, the Last Generation would also like to declare its solidarity with all the exploited people on whose backs our federal government maintains its deadly course. They suffer the most from the skyrocketing prices for energy, fuel and food.

Luke Popp

Carpenter Lukas Popp explains: “Our dependence on fossil fuels continues to fuel Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine and is plunging more and more people into energy poverty in this country. While the fossil fuel companies are making record-breaking profits, many here in Germany have the choice between starving or freezing. We demand that our federal government finally decides on renewables and thus on peace and affordable energy and does not further increase our dependence on fossil fuels.”

Together with their companions, people of the last generation are once again operating the emergency valves on several crude oil pipelines in Germany. They then symbolically attach a few sunflowers and chain or glue themselves on site. With their determined but peaceful resistance, they are working together to stop all further financing and all expansion of new fossil fuel infrastructure in Germany. They are calling on the federal government to finally fulfill its constitutional duty and protect all of our livelihoods. Oil drilling in the North Sea is incompatible with this.

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