Catholic Day: Scholz's statements stand for themselves - statement from the last generation

On Friday, Moritz and Simon, two Last Generation supporters, interrupted the panel discussion at the Katholikentag. Olaf Scholz was accused of massively destroying jobs in renewable energy by the SPD, to which he reacted violently, comparing the actions of the Last Generation to brutal Nazi methods that abolished democracy at the end of the Weimar Republic. The crowd applauded.

Olaf Scholz
Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz

“I'll be honest, these black-clad productions at different events by the same people remind me of a time that was a long time ago and thank God” (Applause), Olaf Scholz on May 27.05.2022th, XNUMX at the Catholic Day.

In November, in a public conversation with the hunger strikers Lea and Henning, Scholz accused them of a “megalomaniacal self-assessment”. What we had to bitterly note six months ago: - Scholz doesn't understand the climate emergency - is now becoming clear to the entire Federal Republic.

What he didn't understand: We are the last generation that can still prevent the collapse of our livelihoods and warn of government failure in the last two to three years that we have left. Our “own purpose” is the survival of all of us. We use our voices and bodies and risk our freedom. Hunger catastrophes and wars await us in his current government course.

Moritz Riedacher

"Scholz adorns himself as 'climate chancellor', but it is becoming increasingly clear to the entire republic: Olaf Scholz will not save us! Olaf Scholz is plunging us into destruction! It is clear to every child: further emissions and fossil growth will kill us”says Moritz Riedacher, from Stuttgart, who interrupted the event.

Where is our government when prices are rising and wars are raging? Where is our “climate chancellor” while the window of opportunity in which we can still act is closing dramatically quickly? He's sitting on the sinking barge looking for new oil in our North Sea?!

The current people in charge have no plan. They have no understanding of the scientific facts. They're just annoyed. This is a second moment of truth. We need mass civil resistance to ensure our survival. We call on all fellow citizens who are rightly shocked by Scholz's statements: resist! Let's disrupt! Let's act like our lives depend on it, because it does!

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