Now the second pipeline blockage in North Rhine-Westphalia in one day

Germany, May 03.05.22, 16, 00:XNUMX p.m - After supporters of the last generation activated the emergency shut-off valves of pipelines in three locations this morning to interrupt the flow of oil, the RMR pipeline in Ratingen, North Rhine-Westphalia, was activated for the second time at 13:00 p.m turned closed today. Raúl Semmler operated the spindle to activate the emergency shut-off valve and then decorated it with flowers.

Michael Winter (59) turned off the RRB pipeline

With these acts of civil resistance, the last generation is demanding a declaration of life from Economics Minister Robert Habeck: There should no longer be any funding or permits for deadly, fossil projects, such as drilling for oil in the North Sea. Rather, the money should flow into projects that solve the many overlapping crises instead of fueling them further. Solar and wind bring independence from dictators and are the right way to save our climate.

Raul Semmler
Raúl Semmler (37)

"The flowers represent hope. For hope that Mr. Habeck will make a declaration of his life and that we will set out towards a future without dependence on dictators. Into a future with prosperity for the people of Germany and not horror, death and deprivation caused by a climate collapse. Solar and wind can bring us this prosperity, oil from the North Sea destroys it.“Says Raul Semmler, 37, actor and screenwriter in front of the RMR pipeline, through which petroleum products from the Netherlands flow.

Last week, pipelines across the country were shut down twelve times. Today the flow of oil was interrupted in four places. Since we are in an emergency, we are acting accordingly and will move forward. Our lives depend on it.

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