Habeck expresses respect for the last generation - election campaign event interrupted

Düsseldorf, May 13.05.2022, 37 - Citizens of the last generation interrupted several election campaign events today by the Green Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habeck. Raul Semmler, XNUMX, actor and supporter of the Last Generation, glued himself to the stage of the event in Düsseldorf. The minister then answered a question publicly. In a subsequent conversation, Habeck said that the last generation had his complete respect.

“We don’t need respect, but rather a declaration of life that Robert Habeck will stop the bloody flow of oil instead of us in the exercise of his duty to protect the constitution,” said Raúl Semmler, 37.

Raul Semmler
Raúl Semmler (37)

In the event of a climate emergency, citizens are turning to him with a clear request not to launch any new projects for fossil infrastructure, and in particular that under no circumstances should any more oil be drilled in our North Sea.

In front of the public, the Green minister responded to the citizen's question about a reason for new oil drilling in the North Sea with reference to the "brashness or strategic stupidity of the previous government", which at least indirectly supported the war in Ukraine.

“The current federal government holds the future of 1000 future generations in its hands. Regardless of past governments: We cannot afford strategic stupidity, especially now,” says Raúl Semmler, 37, who was glued to the stage. “Nothing would be more strategically stupid than drilling for new fossil oil in our beautiful Wadden Sea in a climate emergency.”

At another of Habeck's election campaign events in Cologne, another last-generation citizen who had been taped was torn off the stage by the BKA.

The citizens who disrupted the election campaign events announced to Habeck that they would personally turn off pipelines in the Federal Republic peacefully next Monday.

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