“We are shutting down this pipeline.” – Declaration of life demanded from Habeck

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, May 16, 2022, 15:30 p.m – Two people from the last generation have just peacefully turned off the PCK pipeline near Lindenhof for the second time at the same location as this morning. They had personally announced to Federal Minister Robert Habeck at a campaign event on Saturday that they would not let up until Mr. Habeck made a declaration of life and ruled out new oil drilling in the North Sea and the construction and financing of new fossil fuel infrastructure. 

Michael Winter turns off the PCK pipeline at the pumping station near Lindenhof.

This morning, Last Generation supporters had already turned off the same station and the same pipeline elsewhere and blocked roads in six cities. All those involved act peacefully but firmly and are prepared to be arrested for the actions. This is the largest number of parallel Last Generation actions in several weeks.

Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick, a technical environmental protection engineer and father, and Raúl Semmler, screenwriter and married, had glued their hands together for this morning's action in order to permanently disrupt the emergency valve on the PCK pipeline near Lindenhof.

Wolfgang Metzeler kick
Wolfgang Metzeler kick

Metzeler kick: “The fossil poison flowing through this pipeline is killing us. It is destroying our future and that of our children. We will peacefully turn off these pipelines until our federal government finally stops this fossil fuel madness and does not build any more fossil fuel infrastructure. "

And further: "We want our fellow human beings to understand how dramatic the situation is. We only have two to three years left to prevent a deadly climate collapse. If we don't manage to do that, then in the future millions of people will die from heat, lose their homes or have to fight for food and water, including here in Germany. That's why we are determined to keep coming back and accept longer prison sentences for it. "

Last-generation people also blocked roads in six cities across Germany this morning. In Freiburg, Munich, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Dresden and Leipzig, citizens used these blockades to demand a declaration of life from our economics and climate minister. Further blockades are planned and will continue week after week until Robert Habeck publicly speaks out against new fossil fuel infrastructure, especially against new oil drilling in the North Sea. 

Lina Schinkoethe (20)

Lina Schinköthe (20) from Leipzig explained as she stuck herself to the street with superglue: “Let's all act like our lives depend on it, because it does! We call on everyone to join us in determined, peaceful civil resistance against fossil fuel madness. We still have two to three years in which we can leave the fossil path to destruction. What will you, who are listening or reading this, do in these two to three years – what is your responsibility?"

Blockage of the PCK pipeline at the Lindenhof pumping station in the morning.

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