Citizens released from police custody after more than 32 hours - blockade of the Seefeld tank farm

Bernau, Frankfurt (Oder) May 24.05.22, 17, 30:XNUMX p.m – After more than 32 hours in police custody, all 23 citizens of the Last Generation are free again. The district courts rejected an application by the public prosecutor's office for continued preventive detention as inadmissible. The citizens blocked the PCK mineral oil tank farm in Seefeld yesterday morning and were then partially submerged Application of pain grips been taken into police custody. 

Solvig Schinkothe ​​(42)

Among those released is 42-year-old Solvig Schinköthe: “I'm exhausted, but also proud of the people here. What we are doing is absolutely necessary. I cannot stand by and watch as our government continues to spiral toward fossil fuel collapse. We are robbing ourselves and our children of any future. I don't want to lose hope. That's why I won't stop raising awareness of the climate emergency. For a future worth living, the fossil fuel madness MUST end!"

Lina Schinkoethe (20)

Her 20-year-old daughter Lina, who had stuck herself to the street, adds: “Instead of finally making a declaration of life and ruling out new oil drilling in the North Sea, the government is letting us citizens be arrested and taken away like criminals. Mr. Habeck has to make a decision: does he want to lock us up or finally follow the appeals of science? Plans to drill for oil in the North Sea must be stopped immediately!”

Carla Hinrichs
Carla Hinrichs (24)

The group's press spokeswoman, Carla Hinrichs, 24, has also been free again this morning. “The real threat is not us, but the climate emergency. We don't let pain, threats of punishment and imprisonment stop us from doing the right thing. We will come back until the Scholz government finally lives up to its constitutional responsibility and gives up on fossil fuel madness - out of responsibility for our future. Do you also want to stand up for your future? Come to one of our lectures and action trainings!”

During yesterday's traffic blockades in Berlin, Oldenburg, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Freiburg, Munich and Kassel, an additional 26 last generation citizens were briefly taken into custody. All were released yesterday. 

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