24 oil pipeline blockages – still determined despite individual cells

Brandenburg May 11.05.2022, 17, XNUMX p.m. – For the second time today, people of the last generation are stopping the flow of oil from the PCK pipeline between Rostock and Schwedt. Emergency shut-off systems have been activated 24 times in the last 15 days by citizens with an urgent demand for Green Party Minister Habeck to make a statement against new North Sea oil. Six people were taken into police custody during this morning's actions.

Lars Werner and Wolfgang Metzteler kick on the crazy pipeline.

“We are in a life-threatening emergency. But instead of protecting our lives, the federal government continues to move in the wrong direction. We now need a sign from the federal government that it is working FOR instead of AGAINST our survival! We demand a declaration of life from the Green Minister Robert Habeck: A declaration that there will be no new fossil infrastructure, especially no new oil drilling in the North Sea.” explains psychologist Lars Werner (30) from Göttingen why he will continue to turn off pipelines. 

Lars Werner
Lars Werner (30)

Jakob Beyer (27), who stopped his training as a carpenter because of the climate emergency, was only released from the police station yesterday after a pipeline blockage. Today he stopped the flow of oil from the MVL pipeline.

Jacob Beyer
Jacob Beyer (27)

As he is arrested again and taken to the police station he explains: “We will not be intimidated by single cells. Of course it's not nice in there. But it is nothing compared to the consequences of the climate emergency. History has shown that peaceful civil resistance can work. What do you want to do in a time when the government is destroying livelihoods? You too should join the peaceful civil resistance so that Habeck can finally make a declaration of his life!”

Jakob Beyer (27) at the crazy pipeline

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