Second week of motorway blockades - last generation again on Frankfurt's streets after individual cells over Easter

Frankfurt, December 20.04.22st, XNUMX – For the second week in a row, the Last Generation is blocking highways and main traffic arteries in Frankfurt am Main. After over 30 people spent the Easter holidays behind bars instead of with their families, the same people, along with other citizens, are once again blocking the major highways in Frankfurt this morning, risking being arrested again. They are calling on the federal government to stop all state support for new fossil fuel infrastructure for oil, gas and coal.

"I spent Easter in a solitary cell – those were a tough five days. Nevertheless, I am determined to continue civil resistance, even if the police lock us up for a longer period of time - and I'm not the only one. The time alone in the cell is nothing compared to the wars, hunger and despair that await us due to the climate catastrophe! The government must act now." says Aimee van Baalen, who has already spent a total of seven days in police custody in Frankfurt and is now back on the street.

She goes on to say: “We are becoming more and more people engaged in civil resistance because our government is knowingly fueling the climate crisis with billions in fossil fuel investments. In doing so, it is breaking its constitutional duty to preserve our lives and funding dictators all over the world. We are no longer willing to accept this injustice and will keep coming back until our government lives up to its responsibilities."

Yesterday, people of the last generation broke up the street in front of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection in Berlin and laid a pipeline with the inscription “Qatar Stream”. In doing so, they were protesting against our government's plans to continue buying oil and gas from dictatorships like Qatar instead of relying on the peacetime energies from sun and wind.

The Psychologist Lars Werner, involved in the action at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said: “Fossil fuels are destroying us. You destroy my hope. They are destroying our society. Starting next week, we will peacefully turn off the oil and gas pipelines in order to put our bodies in the way of this fossil madness. "

The Last Generation emphasizes that the federal government can prevent future disruptions at any time. All they have to do is credibly promise that they will no longer support new fossil fuel infrastructure in order to finally recognize the right to life of future generations.

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