Twice on the same day – pipeline scammers don’t let up

Germany, April 29.04.2022, 19, XNUMX p.m – Since 11:00 a.m. this morning, the emergency shut-off valves of oil pipelines have been activated by citizens of the last generation in three different locations in Germany. These emergency facilities are intended to quickly shut down the pipelines should people and the environment be put at risk in the event of a leak. This is also clearly the case with the climate crisis that is spiraling out of control.

Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick turns off the pipeline.

Edmund Schultz, 58, project manager, was injured in his hand this morning when non-expert staff tore his taped hand off the bike. Nevertheless, just a few hours later, he and his companion set off again to turn off the oil for the second time in Ramersbach, at the same spot, despite being sent off, resolutely and peacefully. In his own words:

Edmund Schultz (58)

“Fossil fuels are destroying our livelihoods. Further expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure means that people here in Germany and everywhere else in the world have no future. We call on Mr. Habeck to make a declaration for life and to clearly reject crazy projects such as new oil drilling in the North Sea. Future and peace lie in wind and sun!”

He and his companion are now threatened with solitary confinement - but they are both prepared to accept it, because the horror of climate hell and the federal government's deadly fossil fuel policy is even greater. 

Two people were arrested this morning after they closed more pipelines in Germany. This meant that at times up to six citizens of the last generation were in captivity. 

Edmund Schultz shuts down the oil pipeline near Ramersbach.

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