At Habeck’s service: “Qatar Stream” moved to the Ministry of Economics

Berlin, April 19.04.2022, 11, XNUMX a.m. - People of the last generation installed the “Qatar Stream” pipeline in Minister Habeck's Ministry of Economics building this morning. They wore construction worker helmets, blocked off the street and began levering out pavement slabs to lay pipes from “Qatar Stream”. In addition, the facade was smeared with “North Sea oil” to draw attention to the federal government's destructive plans to drill for even more oil in the North Sea.

Last week, people peacefully blocked highways in Frankfurt under the motto “Stop the fossil fuel madness” and symbolically made the fossil fuel madness visible at banks with fake oil. There were over 200 arrests in just four days. 30 people spent five days in solitary cells.

Only yesterday people were released from their individual cells and today they are once again standing in the way of fossil madness:

“Fossil fuels are destroying our climate. Billions of people will be plunged into poverty over the next few decades and our society will collapse. Violence will become commonplace and making ends meet will be a struggle. And what is the government doing? Is it pumping more money into the expansion of new fossil fuel infrastructure? This is fossil madness! I can't watch this any longer. NOW is the time to stand up and engage in peaceful civil resistance!”, explains psychologist Lars Werner. 

Instead of the federal government now investing massively in renewable energies as a peace project, it is examining drilling for oil and gas in the North Sea. It supports new LNG terminals with 3 billion euros and begs for oil from the human rights-abusing regime in Qatar.

“This is Scholz’s response to Russia’s terrible war against Ukraine? A change of supplier? Scholz must finally understand: Gas from Qatar is no better, because there is blood on oil and natural gas. Gas, oil and coal will destroy our society. We have to end this fossil path and finally rely on solar and wind power.” says Lars Werner indignantly as he digs up the street in front of the Ministry of Economics. 

The Last Generation calls on the German government to immediately stop supporting, financing and expanding infrastructure for fossil oil, coal and gas worldwide.

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