Scientists locked away – government denies deadly facts

Frankfurt, April 22.04.22, 14, XNUMX p.m. - Four scientists were arrested by the police this morning during their peaceful protest. They and other colleagues had blocked the Lower Main Bridge and stuck themselves to the road. In doing so, they supported the demand of the last generation: “Stop the fossil fuel madness!”

Prof. Dr. Niko Froitzheim, geologist at the University of Bonn, while sitting on the street:

“Humanity is running out of time to prevent a climate collapse similar to the mass extinction at the end of the Permian. At that time, around 90 percent of all species on earth became extinct. I cannot stand by as the government ignores the scientific facts and continues to expand fossil fuel infrastructure, destroying the future of human civilization.”

And he further said: “This federal government is lying to us all, just as UN chief Antonio Guterres recently said. The goal of becoming climate neutral by 2045 is demonstrably incompatible with the Paris Agreement. And yet the government continues to talk about the 1,5 degree path that it wants to follow.”

Kyle Topfer, an environmental scientist from Australia, said upon his arrest: “We are not here for fun today, it is a matter of life and death. Instead of listening to the warnings of science, the federal government is allowing us scientists to be arrested. It is continuing to expand the fossil fuel infrastructure, even though the International Energy Agency warned last year:

'If governments take the climate crisis seriously, then there can be no new investments in oil, gas and coal from now on - this year.' "

What else has to happen for the government to finally give up on its fossil fuel madness and fulfill its constitutional duty? Scientists have been warning about the deadly effects of the climate crisis for several decades. They are not prepared to accept the destructive course of our federal government any longer and are resisting it peacefully. But instead of listening to science and the voice of ordinary citizens, the government is arresting them in droves. This leaves us with no choice; people's desperation has now reached such a level that they will now directly block fossil fuel infrastructure. In doing so, they want to give themselves and their children one last chance for a future worth living in peace and security.

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