Scientists block Untermainbrücke in solidarity with Last Generation

Frankfurt, April 22.04.2022, 7 - Ten scientists have been blocking the Untermain Bridge in Frankfurt since 30:XNUMX a.m. this morning. They carry out civil resistance against the federal government's deadly business-as-usual policy and show solidarity with the people of the last generation.
April 22.04.2022, XNUMX - Frankfurt am Main

Numerous well-known scientists are behind the Last Generation's demand to immediately stop all expansion and construction of fossil fuel infrastructure for oil, gas and coal. For example, Fatih Birol, Chairman of the International Energy Agency. Also UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stated upon publication of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report earlier this month: "Investing in new fossil fuel infrastructure is moral and economic folly."

The scientists at Scientist Rebellion have recognized their responsibility:
"Scientists have been warning for decades about the catastrophic consequences of further investments in fossil fuels. And what is the government doing? It insures new fossil projects and continues to subsidize fossil companies. It hides the deadly seriousness of the climate crisis from the population and criminalizes peaceful, vital protest. We can't accept this any longer!“explains the geologist Prof. Dr. Nicholas Froitzheim: "Now is the time to assume our responsibility. We as scientists must move from warning to action and support the brave people of the last generation in peaceful resistance."

The environmental scientist Kyle Topfer explains why he peacefully stuck himself to the road to stop traffic: “We have exhausted all legal methods. The government doesn't even listen to us scientists. It continues to finance the fossil fuel madness and thus breaks the social contract. But history has shown that peaceful civil resistance works. It is the best chance we have to remind the government of its constitutional duties and prevent climate hell. We scientists must also take advantage of this."

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