Economics professor pastes climate warnings on Frankfurt City Hall and calls for a stop to fossil financing

06.04.22/XNUMX/XNUMX, Frankfurt am Main | Helge Peukert, economist and political scientist and professor at the University of Siegen, and ten other people today pasted climate reminders with excerpts from the new IPCC report to the Frankfurt town hall (Römer). The people expressed their support for the demands of the last generation to the federal government not to invest any more money in fossil fuels or the expansion of fossil infrastructure.

April 06.04.2022th, XNUMX - Frankfurt City Hall

Although it has not only been known since the latest IPCC report that fossil fuels will lead society to destruction through climate impacts such as drought, floods and wars, billions continue to be invested in fossil energies. Every year the state uses 70 billion euros to subsidize harmful fuels.

The Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, emphasizes
Countries that continue to increase fossil fuel production are “dangerous radicals“, investments in new fossil fuel infrastructure are “moral and economic madness”.

According to economics professor Helge Peukert, the banks in Frankfurt am Main play a crucial role in this “fossil madness”: 

“I support the actions because my research shows that banks and the financial sector continue to play a central role in financing fossil fuels.” He further emphasizes: “The lending of all banks would have to be consistently aligned with the necessary green transformation.”

At the same time, people were making paste on Wednesday last generation climate reminders to banks throughout Germany. It is becoming clear: more and more people are no longer accepting the fossil fuel madness.

The name of the group should express that those currently living are the last generation that can avert the worst effects of the climate crisis. It calls on the federal government to invest in peace and freedom technologies such as wind and solar energy instead of continuing to subsidize fossil fuels.

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