Statement: Custody over Easter for 33 citizens – The government is not protecting us

This world, our only home, is dying because of current government policies to produce more oil, gas and coal. It will be uninhabitable. Those who peacefully oppose this injustice full of charity and desperation are dragged off the streets and arrested as radical criminals.

33 ordinary citizens of the last generation are behind bars during the holy days of Easter. In doing so, the federal government is betraying the youth of this country, of every country, and is complicit in climate genocide. Mr. Scholz, listen to the scientists who have been warning for decades, confirm that we are right, instead of depriving ordinary citizens of their freedom and trying to suppress their alarm.

Presenting the latest climate report, the Secretary General of the United Nations said: “Some government and business leaders say one thing but do another. They lie. It’s time to stop burning our planet”. To those calling for action, he said: “Climate activists are sometimes portrayed as dangerous radicals. “But the really dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing fossil fuel production.”.

We call on the government to get its act together, stop lying and stop the development of new oil, gas and coal projects with immediate effect. 

We cannot reconcile our conscience to stand idly by, especially now that the bombs are falling in Ukraine, financed by our deadly fossil dependency, in days of pain and humility, but are forced to resist. The government must create the framework conditions so that we can support the politics of this country without endangering billions of people and contributing to the destruction of entire countries.

Portrait of Ernst Hörmann
Ernst Hörmann (72)

“I wish I could spend these Christian days with my family. But the reality that lies ahead if we don't stop this fossil fuel madness is that we will struggle for food when the crops fail. There will be no jobs, no schools, no emergency services – everything we take for granted will collapse. Look at Ukraine. So will it be"says Ernst Hörmann, 72 years old, grandfather of 8 grandchildren.

In these perilous times, we, like others throughout history, must do what is unpleasant, break the law, to prevent a much greater calamity. Since the beginning of the week, over 200 citizens have been arrested during peaceful protests. Those who are free will continue to disrupt peacefully but resolutely in Frankfurt and nationwide. The government can imprison us, take away our freedom, but not our will to survive. 

We call on all those whose futures are being destroyed and who are outraged by the betrayal of locking up peaceful citizens instead of ending continued dependence on oil, gas and coal, to stand up and act. 

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