SAP project manager for climate protest in captivity – Jesuits in Central Europe express their support

Frankfurt, April 23.04.22, XNUMX – Many of us are currently enjoying a well-deserved weekend.
Melanie Guttmann is different. She is currently sitting in a solitary cell in Frankfurt because she can no longer accept the fatal failure of the federal government and has blocked highways as part of the Last Generation. Read here why she still feels freer behind bars than outside:

Throughout her life, Melanie was convinced that the best thing for her future was to get a good education and thus find a well-paying job. In her early 20s she was a project manager at SAP, the largest European software company - her dream had come true. But when she realized the danger our society was in due to the climate crisis, her world turned upside down. She gave up her secure job to organize determined resistance to the government's deadly course.

Melanie Guttmann
Melanie Guttmann

“If I take the scientific warnings seriously, then I have to draw the consequences from them and stand in the way of the government's deadly course. We only have 2-3 years left to change course. And what would be the alternative? To wait until we pass the climate tipping points? To wait until we experience social collapse? To wait until my family goes hungry? I won't let single cells, handcuffs and fines keep me down. I won't let that stop me from standing up for what's right. And that's why I'll feel freer in this solitary cell than if I let myself be intimidated out here and stopped from my protests," says Melanie Guttmann in one Video published on Twitter, taken the day before her arrest.

More and more parts of civil society are supporting courageous people like Melanie Guttmann. Just yesterday, scientists blocked a main traffic artery in Frankfurt, while almost at the same time the Jesuits spoke out: “The climate crisis is an existential crisis that absolutely threatens our livelihoods and thus the very possibility of social prosperity.” says a press release. The Jesuits in Central Europe therefore support the commitment of the climate movement such as that of the Last Generation, whose representative Lea Bonasera was recently invited to speak at the annual meeting.

“There can be times when non-violent civil disobedience or civil resistance is necessary in order to make dealing with urgent issues impossible to overlook and ignore,” says Jesuit and thief Jörg Alt, who started his food-saving campaign at the end of last year caused a stir this year.

Melanie Guttmann and six other people will spend six days in solitary cells. That doesn't change their determination to do the right thing. More will stand up and support those who are trying to turn this perhaps the last chapter of this civilization for the better.

As representatives of the media, you also play a crucial role in this. Tell people the truth, report the scientific facts and watch those in power! We wish you a relaxing weekend.

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