Oil flow interrupted – pipelines shut down for the second time in a week

Germany, April 29.04.2022, 12, 00:11 p.m. - People of the last generation closed the emergency valves on oil pipelines again at XNUMX a.m. in several places in Germany today, bringing the flow of oil and oil products to a standstill. Peacefully and resolutely, citizens entered valve stations to operate the devices themselves to safely turn off the pipelines in an emergency. They then decorated the handwheel with sunflowers they had brought with them while they waited there for the police to arrive.

Edmund Schultz turns off the pipeline

Citizens demand that the federal government immediately renounce the fossil fuel madness and adopt a declaration that in the future it will work for and not against the protection of life. A declaration that there will be no new fossil infrastructure in Germany, especially no new drilling rigs in the Wadden Sea National Park - a declaration of life instead of a declaration of war to future generations.

Edmund Schultz (58)

"We can't wait any longer: Either the federal government makes a declaration of life now - or I will continue to resist peacefully until I am locked away. The fossil fuel madness must stop!", says Edmund Schultz, 58, project manager, while chaining himself to the bike: “The sunflower represents hope for a future in which we are not dependent on insane dictators like Putin. A future in which we do not finance fossil wars with our money and instead use the peace energies from wind and sun."

Portrait of Ernst Hörmann
Ernst Hörmann (72)

Fossil fuels finance the bombing of Ukraine. Fossil fuels destroy ecosystems. Fossil fuels are leading entire countries to ruin. Nevertheless, the coalition parties want to examine new oil and gas drilling in the North Sea, right on the border with the national park. This fossil madness can also happen Ernst Hörmann, 72, pensioner and former mechanical engineer cannot accept:

"Today I turned off the PCK 2 pipeline between Rostock and Schwedt with my own hands because we cannot afford to be ignored any longer. Because we only have two to three years left to prevent climate hell. Fossil fuels are robbing us and our children of any future." And further: "I know that with this action I don't have the power to stop fossil fuels on my own - we can only do that together. That is why I invite the federal government and society as a whole to decide for life together with me. I stand behind what I do with my name and my face."

Already on Wednesday, 13 people were arrested in last generation oil pipeline blockades, 4 of whom are still in solitary custody - but today shows: peaceful resistance cannot be locked away. The citizens of the last generation want to continue their campaign until there is a credible declaration from the government to end the fossil fuel madness.

Ernst Hörmann turns off the PCK 2 pipeline between Rostock and Schwedt

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