Main bridges blocked in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, December 14.04.22st, XNUMX – This morning, for the fourth day in a row, determined Last Generation people are blocking several bridges in Frankfurt. For their protest, they choose the financial center of our country, from which billions continue to flow into oil, coal and fossil gas and thus into the destruction of our future. In doing so, they are standing in the way of the fossil fuel madness of our government, which continues to expand and finance fossil fuels and yesterday even announced new oil and gas drilling in nature reserves in the North and Baltic Seas.

April 14.04.2022, XNUMX - Blockade of the Peace Bridge, Frankfurt am Main

“We are blocking several bridges in Frankfurt today. Because the federal government continues to describe fossil gas as a bridging technology. In reality, however, it is the direct path to climate collapse and the destruction of our society. We stand in the way of this fossil madness here and now!”,
so Christian Bläul (mid-40s), physicist by profession and father who is sitting on the street this morning for the future of his children.

Christian Bläul (mid-40s)

Claudia Kemfert, professor of economics at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), commented in the Handelsblatt as follows:
“As always with “bridging technologies,” the naming is a red herring. We need future technologies instead of bridge technologies.”

Melanie Guttmann, only in his mid-20s, says:
“The federal government is using billions of our tax dollars to guarantee the profits of companies that continue to invest in fossil fuel infrastructure. It plans to build several terminals for liquid gas and wants new oil drilling in the North Sea. This is absolute madness in 2022. This destructive dependency means we are not only held hostage by dictators. Above all, fossil fuels destroy our climate and thus rob our children of any future.”

And she goes on to say: “We, on the other hand, finally want to become independent of war criminals and energy shortages. Renewable energies and energy saving are the only way to achieve this that does not bring us war and destruction. They are our key to peace and freedom.”

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