Last generation interrupts Bundesliga game: “Stop the fossil madness!”

10.04.22/XNUMX/XNUMX, Frankfurt am Main | On Sunday afternoon, two supporters of the Last Generation “Stop the Fossil Madness” campaign interrupted the Bundesliga game Eintracht Frankfurt against SC Freiburg in Deutsche Bank Park for several minutes to call for civil resistance against the further expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.

Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick and Simon Lachner climbed over the boards, ran onto the field and secured themselves to the goal with cable ties around their necks. They wore T-shirts that read “Last Generation – Stop Fossil Madness!” 

“I want football to still be rolling in ten years. If we continue as we are now, in less than 30 years a billion people will be living in areas that will be too hot to live in. Although the federal government and corporate bosses – like those at Deutsche Bank – know all this, they continue to pour billions into fossil fuels. This is fossil madness!”says Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick (47), engineer for technical environmental protection.

The director of the International Energy Agency said, governments that were serious about the climate crisis would not be allowed to invest any more money in fossil fuels from now on. But the federal government plans to further expand fossil fuel infrastructure, for example with new liquid gas terminals for fossil gas.

“If the game against FC Barcelona was a game of the century, then what the federal government is doing with our livelihood is a game of the millennium. We lose it 98% of the time. But it's not a game. This is about nothing less than billions of human existences.”says Simon Lachner (24), planning engineer for the energy transition.

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