Climate emergency: pipelines shut down nationwide – last generation stops oil flow

Germany, April 27.04.2022, 10, XNUMX p.m – Citizens of the last generation turned off crude oil pipelines in several places in Germany at 10 a.m., thereby interrupting the flow of oil. In teams of two, they entered the emergency shut-off stations of the pipelines and activated the shut-off valves with their own hands, which enable the flow of oil and gas to be safely shut off in emergencies. They decorated the handwheel with sunflowers. Some attached themselves to the bike with superglue and chains.

Lina Eichler with a flower in front of the pipeline that she has just filmed.

In the event of a climate emergency, they are specifically addressing the “green” Economics Minister Robert Habeck. He needs to make a statement that there will be no new fossil fuel infrastructure projects. In particular, drilling for oil is not permitted in the North Sea. Most recently, FDP Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner and SPD politicians wanted to examine expanded oil and gas drilling on the border to the national park. The “green” minister Habeck took up this suggestion and is currently examining it.

They ask for an explanation FOR rather than AGAINST our survival.

Edmund Schultz

“We are in a climate emergency! The federal government is not only ignoring this, it is planning to fuel it further. Wanting to drill for oil in our North Sea now – that’s madness that you have to stop, Mr. Habeck!” says Edmund Schultz. “Today I turned off the emergency valve on the RMR pipeline near Koblenz. For what, if not the destruction of our peace, is an emergency?” 

Further fossil infrastructure amounts to a declaration of war on the Pacific island states. As the President of the island nation of Palau, Surangel Whipps Jr, said at COP26: We might as well drop bombs on his country.

Jacob Beyer
Jakob Bayer (27)

“I’m not taking part in this anymore! This is an emergency and it is my moral duty to act accordingly. I stand by it with my name and face. The government now has it in its hands: either it makes a declaration of life and stops this fossil fuel madness or it locks me away,” says Jakob Bayer, 27, who stopped his training as a carpenter because of the climate emergency.

The citizens of the last generation announce that they will continue to use all means of peaceful civil resistance if the government does not credibly declare that it will stop the fossil fuel madness.

In the last two weeks, 230 people have been arrested in Frankfurt as they staged road blockades demanding an end to funding for new, unnecessary oil rigs.

Edmund Schultz turns off the oil valve.

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