More and more people are joining the last generation - highway blockades despite days of solitary confinement

Frankfurt, April 21.04.2022, 7, 30:11 a.m. - For the sixth day within two weeks, people of the last generation are blocking motorways and federal highways in Frankfurt. More and more people are joining the roadblocks despite the high level of repression from the police. Yesterday, XNUMX people were taken into custody again, mostly until next Monday! Nevertheless, more and more people are supporting the demand for the federal government to immediately stop all further support for fossil fuel infrastructure.

April 21.04.2022, XNUMX - Frankfurt

"Many of us are sitting on the street for the first time today. We are no longer prepared to stand idly by and watch peaceful people being locked up for days. And that's only because they stand in the way of our government's fossil fuel madness.", like that Johanna Maxl, while she herself sits on the street.

"More and more people will stand up with us as long as the government continues to actively invest in the collapse of our climate. We are determined, even if the police put us in solitary confinement again today for several days. The time alone in the cell is nothing compared to the wars, hunger and despair that await us due to the climate catastrophe!", like that Johanna continue.

Carla Hinrichs
Carla Hinrichs

Carla Hinrichs, Press Spokesperson of the Last Generation: “Our federal government continues to invest billions in the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and thus in the destruction of our livelihoods. We are not prepared to accept this injustice any longer and call on our government to finally adhere to our constitution. They can no longer fuel this fossil fuel madness with our tax money."

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