Arrests and more pipelines turned off

Germany, April 27.04.2022, 14, 30:10 p.m.: Since this morning at 5 a.m., citizens of the last generation have turned off the emergency shut-off valves of pipelines in XNUMX places in Germany, thereby bringing the flow of oil to a standstill. Some citizens were arrested, others were released after the chains were released and were expelled.

Michael Winter with a flower in front of the pipeline that he has just filmed.

Two of the citizens turned off the emergency shut-off valve on the RMR oil pipeline near Ramersbach in Rhineland-Palatinate a second time after their release.

The pipelines that were turned off were crude oil and product oil pipelines from Russia, Norway and the Netherlands.

The last generation also announces that it will peacefully shut down more pipelines in the coming days.

The Last Generation is demanding a declaration of life from the federal government: Economics and Climate Minister Habeck should declare that there will be no new fossil infrastructure, especially no new oil drilling in the North Sea.

Karl Braig closing the emergency shut-off valve on the Rostock-Schwedt crude oil pipeline.

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