Another motorway blockade in Frankfurt – Last generation demands “Stop the fossil fuel madness!”

Frankfurt April 11.04.2022, 10, 648 a.m. - After people of the “last generation” continue to bring traffic to a standstill on the A66, they are also standing in the way of fossil madness on the AXNUMX. They are currently causing kilometer-long traffic jams on the two city highways. In doing so, they are bringing the two major western traffic arteries around Frankfurt to a standstill in order to demand that the government immediately stop all investments in and all new expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.

April 11.04.2022, XNUMX - Frankfurt am Main

Melanie Guttmann while stuck on the A66:

“I cannot continue to watch fossil fuels destroy all of our lives. Nevertheless, the federal government plans to further expand fossil fuel infrastructure. This is fossil madness!
We must now finally invest in renewable energies as a peace project and not continue to pump money into the destruction of our society.”

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