Once again, mother and daughter are kept in solitary cells for days – because they stand up peacefully for their future

Frankfurt, April 21.04.2022, 42 - For the second time in the last week, Solvig Schinköthe (20) was arrested together with her eldest daughter Lina Schinköthe (XNUMX) during highway blockades against the federal government's "fossil madness". They had once again resisted the government's decision to further expand fossil fuel infrastructure. The mother of four and her daughter will now spend up to six days in solitary cells to avert “danger from the public”.

“I'm afraid of being separated from my children for six days and not being able to be there for them. But I overcome my fear and gather all my courage as a mother because I have to act now to avert even greater harm from them. Because the government continues to pump billions into fossil fuels, knowingly destroying my children’s livelihoods.”, explained Solvig Schinköthebefore it is discharged again.

Solvig Schinkothe ​​(42)

Ifre Tochter Lina added: “The federal government is locking my mother and I away to avert “dangers from the public.” But she should ask herself what the real danger is to our society: a policy whose criminal actions will mean a world that is 3 degrees hotter. This is a world in which violence and the struggle for daily bread will be part of everyday life. Or people who stand up against this fossil fuel madness.”

These courageous people are calling for an immediate stop to the construction and expansion of fossil infrastructure and the financing of fossil oil, gas and coal. The federal government, on the other hand, wants to allow further drilling near the Wadden Sea National Park in the North Sea and is financing new liquid gas terminals with billions. In doing so, it knowingly finances the destruction of the livelihoods of the young generation here in Germany and all over the world. The federal government must finally abandon this deadly business-as-usual approach and adhere to the Basic Law.

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