40 people arrested again after bridge blockades

Frankfurt, April 14.04.22, 12, 40 p.m. - Around XNUMX people from the last generation were arrested again during the blockades this morning. They continue to demand from the government: “Stop the fossil fuel madness!” and oppose the government’s further expansion and financing of fossil fuel infrastructure.

April 14.4.2022, XNUMX: Blockade of the Lower Main Bridge by citizens of the last generation

Ernst Hörmann is 72 years old, grandfather of 8 grandchildren and former engineer. He was also arrested by police today for peacefully engaging in civil disobedience.

Portrait of Ernst Hörmann
Ernst Hörmann (72)

He said at his arrest:
“I and my generation lived beyond our means and paid no attention to the future of our grandchildren. I have become aware that we have to stop our fossil business as usual immediately if we want to give them the chance of a world worth living in. If the government doesn't finally stop its fossil fuel madness and the destruction of the livelihoods of the generations after us, I'm prepared to go to prison for the future of my grandchildren."

After 150 arrests in the last few days, 40 last generation people were arrested again today in the blockades. Many have been arrested several times in the last few days. People consciously accept these mass arrests and the waiting in prison cells, sometimes for several days, as part of their determined protest. In some cases, people were arrested to avert danger before they even blocked roads.

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