Custody extended eleven times for Last Generation – young woman a total of 13 days in prison in two weeks

Frankfurt, December 19.04.2022st, XNUMX - After renewed road blockades to stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, a judge ordered extended police custody for eleven people from the last generation - for eight of them until Monday evening, i.e. for a total of six days.

After the extended detention of around 30 people over Easter, the committed people of the last generation were aware that they could face several days in solitary cells if they sat peacefully on motorways again. Yet that's exactly what they did this morning in Frankfurt - underneath Aimee van Baalen.

Aimee van Baalen
Aimee van Baalen

"I'm afraid of loneliness in the cell. I don't want to be locked up for days again. But my fear of climate collapse is greater. The government is deliberately fueling this. I have to stand up against this and fight for the future of my generation. Even if it means I get locked up again.“, explained van Baalenbefore she was taken away.

After the ordered six days, van Baalen will have spent a total of 13 of the last 14 days in solitary confinement. She calls on the federal government not to invest any more money in destructive fossil fuels and instead to invest in renewable energies for the survival of all of us.

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