Bundesliga troublemaker locked up – in cell for over 48 hours after motorway action

Frankfurt, December 12.04.22st, XNUMX – The two engineers Wolfgang Metzler-Kick (47) and Simon Lachner (24) were arrested at today’s motorway closures under the motto “Stop the fossil madness” and sentenced to over 48 hours in solitary cells. Their resistance is directed against the seven planned LNG terminals. They are cementing another 20 years of fossil fuel madness.

Photo left: dpa/Arne Dedert & photo right: © Imago
April 10.04.2022, 47: Wolli (24) & Simon (XNUMX) tie themselves to the goal in Deutsche Bank Park | Photo left: dpa/Arne Dedert & photo right: © Imago

The two gained a lot of notoriety last Saturday during the Bundesliga game between Eintracht Frankfurt and SC Freiburg. In the second minute, they ran onto the field and attached themselves to the goal of Frankfurt goalkeeper Kevin Trapp with cable ties. On their T-shirts was “Stop the fossil fuel madness!" to read.

The federal government's longstanding subsidization of destructive fossil fuels has led us to our dependence on oil, gas and coal. Because of them, we are held hostage by dictators and pay for their inhumane weapons - like right now in Ukraine. Fossil fuels are also fueling the climate crisis. The federal government is now launching new fossil projects - this is fossil madness. Every cent of these outdated technologies finances the collapse of our society.

Wolfgang and Simon have announced that they will take to the streets again – as long as the federal government ignores Article 20a of the Basic Law and destroys our society. They call on others to do the same.

Wolfgang Metzeler kick
Wolli (47)

Wolfgang Metzler-Kick (47) engineer for technical environmental protection:
"We are the last generation that still has control over the survival of ourselves and our children. Soon you'll ask yourself: What did I do in the moment when everything was on the line? Go to our website, listen to our plan. See you on the road! Because together we can do it."

In addition to Wolfgang and Simon, Sonja Manderbach (45), church musician and single mother of a 14-year-old daughter, and three other people are also being held for over 48 hours.

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