Citizens behind bars over Easter

Frankfurt February 14.02.2022, 19, 30:41 p.m.: After several bridge blockades this morning, 12 citizens were arrested. According to current information, 18 of them were brought before a judge, who ordered them to be held in custody until Monday at XNUMX p.m. Citizens of the last generation have been sitting on the city's highways and main traffic arteries every day since Monday. They are calling on the federal government to make a declaration not to further expand or finance any new fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

“The federal government is signing the death warrant of the young generation if it now starts drilling for oil in the North Sea. This is fossil madness. I want to protect survival and now have to spend the Easter days in a bare cell instead of with my beloved family”says Carla Rochel, her lawyer, by telephone from police custody. 

Carla Rochel
Carla Rochel (20)

In addition, the citizens of the last generation apologize for the fall of a cyclist this morning who slipped on the oil. They call on the public and media to look at the situation properly.

“We try our best not to endanger anyone with our actions. We wish disruption were not necessary, but we see no other way to draw attention to the impending collapse of our civilization.”says Aimee van Baalen.

“This situation must not be used, as previously mistold situations with ambulances have been, to spin the big story out of it, while no one is reporting that the federal government’s failure to address the climate crisis is currently endangering the survival of billions of people.”says Henning Jeschke.

The fact that the oil spilled onto the bike path was not planned and they are sorry. The citizens tried to make the cyclists aware of the oil by shouting loudly. The police, who arrived after a few minutes, did not cordon off the area adequately despite repeated requests from citizens, which caused more people to slide. 

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