Banks full of oil – end money in fossil fuel madness

Frankfurt, April 11.4.22, XNUMX – The Last Generation poured “fake oil” on the entrances to Germany’s two dirtiest banks in Frankfurt. The Last Generation is directly addressing the financial center against the unbridled financing of new infrastructure for oil, coal and gas at home and abroad with German money.

April 11.04.2022, XNUMX - Commerzbank, Frankfurt am Main

It is our moral duty as citizens to resist peacefully. A hundred people took part in the seven morning roadblocks and the later art events at Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank. This means there are significantly more people at the beginning of the year. Since the Paris Climate Agreement, Deutsche Bank has financed additional fossil projects with €75 billion. The federal government continues to support fossil fuel madness and with it the war and terror of dictators. At the same time, it disregards its constitutional duty to protect the lives of current and future generations.

Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations
"Climate activists are sometimes portrayed as dangerous radicals, but the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing fossil fuel production. "

Frankfurt is the heart of the money of fossil fuel madness. The government is still allowing banks to invest billions in fossil fuel extraction in 2022. It puts at risk the lives of billions of people now living and the thousands of generations that will come after us for the profits of the super-rich. All of us as the last generation have no choice but to speak this terrible truth. We appeal to everyone to take a stand. Only together can we stop the fossil fuel madness.

Lea Bonasera | Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte Limburg
Leah Bonasera (24)
Photo: (c) Marlene Charlotte Limburg

Lea Bonasera, 22, “We cannot allow fossil fuels to destroy us all. We cannot allow all our dreams, our families and everything that is important and sacred to us to burn at the fossil fuel pyre."

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