A661 motorway closed: “The oil is destroying us!”

Frankfurt, April 13.04.22th, 661 - This morning, citizens of the last generation blocked motorways in Frankfurt for the third day in a row, temporarily paralyzing the entire A XNUMX. They also spilled gallons of non-toxic fake petroleum on the road to represent the global destruction caused by fossil fuels.

Carla Rochelwhile she spreads the oil on the road:
,,Just as this oil makes the roads unusable here, oil, coal and gas are destroying our livelihoods forever. We have to stop this fossil fuel madness immediately! We only have a few years left to avert total climate collapse. We now finally need a clear positioning from the federal government for peace energies - for sun and wind; and against gas, coal and oil. That's why we will continue to resist peacefully - no matter how often and for how long they lock us up."

Carla Rochel
Carla Rochel (20)

Carla Rochel was already involved in the Last Generation actions in Berlin in February. The last generation gained national fame through the motorway closures at the time. Steffi Lemke, Federal Environment Minister, described this at the time as "absolutely legitimate“. Now the last generation has resumed its actions since Monday in Frankfurt with significantly more people.

Portrait of Ernst Hörmann
Ernst Hörmann (72)

Ernst Hörmann, grandfather of eight:
,,The war in Ukraine shows us like never before the destruction that we have helped to bring about by financing Russian gas for decades. Fossil fuels are also destroying our climate and robbing us and our children of any future. We must use this moment of change to rely entirely on renewable energies and not, on the contrary, to massively expand our liquefied natural gas imports or drill for even more oil in the Arctic."

The fact that drilling can even take place in the Arctic is due to the climate crisis. The once eternal ice is disappearing, and at the same time companies like the German Wintershall are taking advantage of the situation to look for even more oil and gas in these places. There is therefore a climate lawsuit against Wintershall.

After over 100 arrests in the last two days and 48 hours of solitary confinement for six participants in the actions, the Last Generation is also calling for “Stop the fossil madness!” with its actions today. and calls on the federal government to declare an immediate halt to the expansion of fossil fuels and fossil infrastructure. This would be a first honest step towards ending the irreversible destruction caused by these fuels fossil-financed Ukraine war as well as in the climate crisis fueled by fossil fuels Serve.

The last generation began their actions in January in Berlin and resumed this week with significantly more people in Frankfurt.

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