Letter to the Federal Government – ​​We will peacefully turn off oil and gas pipelines

Dear Federal Government,

We find it a shame that you did not respond to our urgent concern to protect our survival and the existence of civilization in our last letter dated March 30, 2022.

Fossil fuels are leading us to famine, war and destruction, and building more infrastructure for them is madness. We are aware, not least confirmed by the scientists at the IPCC, that this fossil fuel madness must be stopped. That is why we will resolutely continue our peaceful, civil resistance. While thousands of people in Ukraine are being killed by the bombs we finance and people around the world are dying of hunger and extreme weather events, we as citizens of one of the strongest economically and therefore a country with historical responsibility cannot stand by. The measures you are taking against us are becoming ever stronger, most recently over thirty people had to spend five days in captivity over Easter, but that doesn't stop us from standing up for what is right.

Starting next week, we will peacefully turn off the oil and gas pipelines that flow through our country in order to stand in the way of fossil fuel madness with our bodies, names and faces.

To support our several weeks of protests on the streets of Berlin and now in Frankfurt at the heart of the financing of fossil fuel madness, we are expanding our protest to include fossil fuel infrastructure. We are doing this because unfortunately you have no plans to stop the destruction, but it is absolutely necessary if the young generation has a chance of survival. We are fully responsible for the consequences with our name and face. We proceed in an absolutely non-violent and peaceful manner because it is very important to us not to endanger or even injure people. 

In these places the destruction of our livelihoods due to fossil fuel madness becomes visible. The public may think that the pipelines are private property, but that is just a delusion. In fact, the flow of oil and gas there is under state protection and is fueled by you. No oil or gas could flow without your permission and support. This destruction must be stopped. Through you – or through us. 

There are two ways for you to respond to our protests:

(1) a public announcement to stop the fossil fuel madness - a pledge that you will stop all expansion and financing of future fossil fuel infrastructure - or

(2) to lock us up.

We would like to emphasize again: as soon as you assure us in discussions that you will stop all expansion and financing of future fossil infrastructure, we will let the interruption stand. If agreements turn out to be empty promises, we will come back until what is necessary is achieved. 

In urgent request, 

The citizens of the last generation

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