250 arrests in six days – resistance to the federal government is growing

Frankfurt, April 20.04.2022, 10.04 - Since Monday, April 250, there have been over XNUMX arrests as part of the Last Generation resistance actions. People who are in the middle of life are forced to put family, children, education and work on the back burner because the federal government continues to actively expand fossil oil, coal and gas. And this despite the fact that it is clear that it is actively destroying the wealth and lives of the rising generation and financing the crimes of dictators.

During the resistance actions at the beginning of the year, 250 arrests were made in six weeks. This number has now been exceeded after just six days. This clearly shows that more and more people are behind the demand to stop new fossil fuel projects. Starting next week, the Last Generation will extend peaceful disruptions to fossil infrastructure and turn off pipelines. A “march of criminal renunciation of leadership” has already been announced.

"The federal government must finally take the long overdue step and stop all expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. Scientists, the head of the United Nations Antonio Guterres and the head of the International Energy Agency have been calling for this for years. Building new fossil fuel infrastructure on top of the existing infrastructure, such as liquid gas terminals or oil drilling in the North Sea, is a death sentence for hundreds of millions of people", says Aimee van Baalen, who spent Easter in a solitary cell before being arrested again today.

"Cold cell walls, loneliness and being separated from family and friends seem insignificant compared to the horror that threatens us if the federal government continues to fail at this historic moment. More and more people are understanding this, the resistance will continue to grow!”So Aimee continue.

Also today, Aimee and almost 40 other people were arrested and jailed. It is still unclear how long they will have to stay in their cells. A completely uninvolved person was also arrested by the police this morning and has been held at police headquarters for several hours.

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