Scientific facts on bank buildings – Last generation: “Stop the fossil fuel madness!”

Berlin, March 19.03.2022, 14, 30:XNUMX p.m.: Citizens of the last generation are covering several bank branches with scientific facts. Around 14:30 p.m., around 25 citizens stuck large posters with paste on the facade and windows of the building Deutsche Bank on Kurfürstendamm. They are currently advertising posters at two other banks. The banks, together with the federal government, are financing fossil business as usual, thereby fueling the war in Ukraine and the collapse of our climate. On the posters are the desperate scientific warnings IPCC and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to read.

Lina Eichler (19)

“Fossil money is blood money. There is blood on oil and natural gas. Blood of many people in Ukraine today and billions of people tomorrow. This fossil madness has to stop now!” says Lina Eichler, 19, as she sticks posters with scientific warnings to Deutsche Bank.

“Around 3,3 to 3,6 billion people are already at great risk where they live”

“Approximately 50-75% of the world’s population could face “life-threatening climate conditions” due to extreme heat and humidity by 2100.”

“The world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases are now guilty of setting fire to our only home.”

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