100 days of government – ​​100 people say “Not like that!”

Berlin, June 18.03.2022, 12, 00:XNUMX a.m – A hundred determined citizens are currently blocking the entrances to the government district. The occasion is the 100-day mark of the new government and the results are shocking: Despite the advancing climate crisis and now a war financed by oil and gas exports, the traffic light coalition has so far not implemented anything that could prevent the climate catastrophe - itself the plan presented for 2035/45 is inadequate. In doing so, she fuels the deadly fossil business and knowingly destroys the livelihoods of her fellow citizens. 

The uprising of the last generation blocks the government district in several places, Berlin, March 18.03.2022, XNUMX
Photo: Stefan Müller (Twitter: @StefanMueller)

The Last Generation had blocked highways throughout Germany for weeks in February, initially with around 30 people - now there are already 100 people shouting “Stop!” say. The new government, after 100 days in office, continues to fail to do its job and is acting unconstitutionally by failing to implement the most basic, Measures supported by citizens to take. At the same time, more and more people are joining the last generation to work together to preserve our society and the survival of all.

The time window of 2 to 3 years is closing, in which we can still act: The government must do its job now.

This is an emergency: the climate catastrophe is not “just another issue”, it is THE issue that determines our livelihood. Let’s finally act accordingly!

Portrait of Ernst Hörmann
Ernst Hörmann (72)

“The government’s path of fossil business as usual is destroying us. It finances the terrible war in Ukraine. It is fueling the climate catastrophe and thus social collapse with war, famine, flight and the death of millions of people worldwide. I can't accept that. My conscience and love for my fellow human beings force me to stand up against it,” explains eight-time grandfather Ernst Hörmann (72), who is involved in the blockades.

Sonja Manderbach
Sonja Manderbach (45)

“The government is failing to implement even the simplest, majority-supported immediate measures such as a food-saving law. How am I supposed to trust that it will stop the deadly fossil system on its own? I will be back until the government does its job right and protects all of our livelihoods. We can no longer afford to lose,” affirms mother and church musician Sonja Manderbach.

The government must finally do its job now or we will lose everything we love! We now need a fair crisis economy and citizens' councils to democratically save our livelihoods.

Because “Delay means death.” (Delay means death), like UN Secretary General Guterres recently said.

Update: Determined citizens on the streets again - handcuffs, pain holds and individual cells for peaceful citizens

Berlin, government district March 18.03.2022, 17, 30:XNUMX p.m – Currently, the determined citizens of the last generation are once again sitting on the access roads in the government district. After 100 peaceful citizens occupied the streets at midday, glued themselves to themselves, and were taken into custody, some with pain grips and handcuffs, they decided to occupy the streets again after their release. Other citizens are held in cells at the Tempelhof prisoner assembly center.

Peaceful citizens are handcuffed.
Peaceful citizens are handcuffed.
Lars Werner
Lars Werner (30)

“I can no longer watch the government steer us to ruin. 100 days of traffic light government: It is letting us down. This afternoon I sat down on the street and was taken away in handcuffs by the police. I'm sitting here again this afternoon. As long as she doesn't finally do her job, I'll stand in her way. No one can ignore the climate crisis!”says Lars Werner, clinical psychologist, as he occupies the street at the Brandenburg Gate for the second time today.

“The government is playing with our constitution and our survival”, Sonja Manderbach, mother of a 14-year-old daughter, also explains her determination: “She is leading us into absolute climate hell with her fossil carry-on. We are knowingly heading towards famine, displacement and further brutal wars.”

The citizens of the last generation are making it clear that, in the face of the climate catastrophe, more and more people will continue to provide determined, peaceful resistance.

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