Reading of open letter – Last generation issues ultimatum

Politicians continue to ignore our diet. The people responsible for nutrition from the three government parties, the responsible federal ministers Özdemir and Buschmann as well as Olaf Scholz, have not taken up our offer to speak to the Reichstag today about resolving the blockades, despite their previously announced willingness to talk.

Last generation before the Reichstag
Last generation before the Reichstag. Photo: @DanniPilger

This means that politics continues to openly go against the will of the vast majority of the population, 80% of whom support the implementation of the provisions of the Citizens' Council on Climate endorsed.

The open letter has just been read out in front of the Reichstag (see below). After a minute's silence for the suffering caused by the climate catastrophe, a plate of food and a glass of water were broken, symbolizing food waste.

The next steps have also just been announced:

We are giving Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the federal government an ultimatum to comment on the implementation of the citizens' assembly's recommendations as the basis for our demand by Sunday evening and, in particular, to promise the implementation of the Food Saving Act.

The red line has been crossed. If politics fails to protect its population, we are forced to use civil resistance to ensure the survival of all as a moral imperative. In this case, we will disrupt vulnerable infrastructure such as ports and airports as an expression of our unchanged fossil fuel everyday life in this country and bring them to pause out of love for our families, friends and fellow human beings.

Open letter to the federal government


Berlin on February 16, 2022 at 14 p.m

Dear Mr. Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, 
Dear members of the Federal Government, 
Dear Members of the German Bundestag,

The situation

"I'm telling you that we are shoving our children into a global school bus that has a 98% chance of being fatal.“ Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, climate expert

We are all the last generation that can stop the climate emergency. 
After the Fridays For Future protests since 2019 with millions of people on the streets, experts say they could “When they see the 'climate protection law' they don't eat as much as they want to puke".

We are currently racing into a world that is 4 degrees hotter. In a world that is 4 degrees hotter, not a single one of our children is safe and there are very few very rich people who are building ever higher walls around themselves. According to calculations, in a world that is 4 degrees hotter, over 7 billion people will die. So 7.000 million people. Maybe our human species is ending.

The current course is likely to lead to a catastrophe of hunger and war, to mass exodus, to social unrest in Germany too, in which we will lose all freedoms, all our jobs, all prosperity, all our stability and soon afterwards our families. This is how people in Germany and around the world are being let down. 

That's why in recent months we have initiated forms of civil disobedience (containers with self-disclosure) and civil resistance. The motorway blockades, which belong to the last category, are intended to make it symbolically visible that business as usual is to be stopped and that a change of course is initiated towards an appropriate system change.

We act absolutely non-violently. We will not intentionally harm anything living, especially our fellow human beings. We continue to clear emergency lanes for blue lights. Recordings prove our quick actions. We tried to keep the burden on the police officers low, especially after a worryingly unscrupulous murder, and paused the actions for several days. We sincerely apologize to all Berliners and fellow human beings for the disruption. We have great respect for the work of everyone in this society. We want to send out an alarm signal because we are all in great danger. We regret that our actions and concerns have so far been distorted by the media in order to turn our fellow human beings against us.

Our first demand for starting a system change is a food rescue law based on the French model. We welcome statements from some politicians who support the decriminalization of containers and mandatory reduction targets. The latter is important to us: we had voluntariness long enough without it having any effect.

Nevertheless, we note that there is not even a binding timetable for when the Food Saving Act, which we have been calling for since November, will be introduced by the federal government into the Bundestag. Three weeks of meetings have already passed.

In other respects, too, the government's coalition agreement as a whole fills us with little hope: it is full of declarations of intent, few concrete and enforceable commitments and inadequate targets. The federal government wants to become climate neutral by 2045 so that global warming does not exceed 1,5 degrees. But we will reach 1,5 degrees as early as 2030. We therefore consider the coalition agreement to be a danger to life and limb in view of the climate collapse that is approaching us. Furthermore, the federal government's policy continues to allow and promote a fossil fuel system, as evidenced by the decision to use gas as a “bridge technology”.

Our requirement

The system change that we are calling for therefore also includes measures for greater voice for the population, especially those that are suitable for making decisions without the influence of lobbyists and for developing longer-term, binding perspectives. We see citizens' councils as a suitable instrument for this, as the Citizens' Council on Climate demonstrates.

This Citizens' Climate Assembly is representative. It is a randomly drawn committee of different age groups, social classes, educational backgrounds and ideological beliefs. It was professionally moderated, scientifically advised and, after scientific advice, was able to agree on numerous, far-reaching measures that were supported by large majorities and were more appropriate to the climate emergency. The citizens gathered there did not cling to power and privilege. They didn't think within the framework of short-term four-year electoral periods, but significantly beyond that. All measures that the Citizens' Climate Assembly has developed and advocated can be implemented in a rich country like Germany. 

For this reason, we see the Citizens' Climate Assembly and its recommendations as the democratic backbone on which we build our protest and our demands.

We therefore expect that society's will to survive, represented by the Citizens' Climate Assembly, will be listened to, and we demand that all recommendations of the Citizens' Climate Assembly be taken into account by the Federal Government. 

And since we have to start somewhere: 

We call on you to take a stand on the recommendations of the democratic Citizens' Climate Assembly by Sunday evening and to announce at least a reliable timetable by which you will introduce the Food Saving Act into the Bundestag.

Our offer

Dear Mr. Scholz, dear members of the Federal Government, dear members of the Bundestag!

In your oath of office you swore to increase the benefit of the German people and to prevent them from harm. Clear the way for it!

Our actions can be suspended if you provide a reliable and verifiable response to our demands presented here by Sunday evening. 

In the absence of such a response, we will further disrupt and bring to a standstill vulnerable infrastructure in this country. For us, ports and airports are an expression of an unchanged fossilized everyday life that we cannot accept out of love for our families, friends and all our fellow human beings.

Our children and yours will judge what legacy we leave behind. We would like to make a contribution to this. And now we hope for yours.

We wait for an answer and remain in sincere friendship,

THE FOOD SAVERS of the last generation

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