Overwhelming solidarity with Saving Food – Saving Lives

Today and over the weekend, citizens across Germany are showing overwhelming solidarity with the Save Food - Save Lives campaign: food saved from the bin is being distributed to people in the city centers in a total of 13 cities - the largest campaign of its kind in Germany to date.

Citizens distribute rescued food to passers-by.
Citizens distribute rescued food to passers-by. The police ended the project because the so-called "containerization" is a criminal offense in Germany.

The groups, which are spread across Germany, have fetched food from supermarket containers on their own, registered and set up stands and are now distributing the edible food free of charge. They show their solidarity with the “Save Food – Save Lives” campaign and show clearly that wasting good food is not an isolated case. No matter which government and which region: food ends up in the bin, and people are showing that the government must act and put a stop to it.
“The people who pass by our stand are all enthusiastic about the campaign and at the same time shocked at how much good food ends up in the bin. Everyone agrees that this situation must change. “We only experience approval for the campaign,” says Zoë from Freiburg.
“I am overwhelmed by how many cities have joined us today. This shows how the topic resonates directly with people. Nobody wants food to be thrown away - neither farmers, nor supermarket managers, nor consumers. The government must now create the framework conditions,” said Tobias März, press spokesman.
According to our status, the cities involved today and at the weekend are: Berlin, Potsdam, Bremen, Hildesheim, Leipzig, Dresden, Bayreuth, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Weingarten/Ravensburg, Freiburg, Greifswald.

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