Mourning for police deaths: food rescuers pause actions

Two police officers were shot yesterday. This shocks us and affects us. We need a strong but peaceful society in these times of crisis. We stand with society in mourning after this act of violence. We are canceling our actions over the next few days in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Berlin with immediate effect. The highest concern of Essen Save Lives is to protect lives. We want non-violent coexistence. We want security for everyone in our country - whether they wear a uniform or not.

We want to continue to prevent harm to our population in the future. For this reason, we are peacefully but firmly disrupting traffic. Our fight against greenhouse gas emissions and the destruction of life is a fight against violence: emissions are already killing us. Like the 180 people in the Ahr Valley. Droughts and crop losses generate further violence and conflict. Emissions and food waste will generate even greater violence in the future.

This violence scares us. We demand protection for everything we love. It is clear to everyone: the easy way out is for the government to finally do its job. The way out is for the government to finally protect everyone. We demand an immediate commitment to a food-saving law.

We respect the need for public policy. However, the current fossil order is not order, it is chaos. The current “business as usual” is leading us into great social unrest. Even at 2 degrees, all order will be in serious danger. We will reach this state in 20-30 years. Due to ever-increasing emissions, our society is in serious danger of entering a hot period that our children will not survive. And since we will reach the 1,5°C limit in about 10 years, no plans for 2045 will help.

According to Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, not just our children, all of us are in a bus that has a 98% probability of fatal accident. Our love, our fear, our courage, our humanity drive us: the time to prevent future violence is now, not 2045. The place to avoid a world 4°C hotter is here. The time is now. The people we want to protect are all of us.

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