Statement on the situation in Ukraine | Why the uprising will continue

Today is a black day for the people of Europe. We see the current events in Ukraine as a human catastrophe and are deeply shocked. Our thoughts are with the victims and the people at risk in Ukraine.

Today we find ourselves in a society in which humanity's existential crises seem to be escalating. We think of exploitation, surveillance, pandemics, wars and ecological collapse.

At the same time, one crisis does not cancel out another. The occurrence of one disaster does not make the other less devastating and life-threatening. Rather, it is up to us to no longer perceive the multiple crises of the 21st century as detached and independent of one another, but rather as complexly interconnected.

The physical basis of the climate catastrophe has not changed. We still have two to three years to prevent the destruction of civilization, the loss of our values ​​and institutions, and untold human suffering. We still have a few years to introduce the necessary, far-reaching changes.

We know that if we do nothing, wars over fertile land, water and energy will increase. Open wars and conflicts will increase the stress on our societies. Our independent institutions, the rule of law, are increasingly endangered. We fear what natural forces will do to us. We are even more afraid of what we will do to each other.

We now feel a moral responsibility to address with all our energy, passion and compassion all crises that threaten the survival of human civilization in the coming decades.

Our top priority remains protecting life, now and in the future. That's why, as announced, we will bring air traffic to a standstill in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich tomorrow.
We want to continue to build a peaceful movement against political failure in climate and environmental collapse.

We ask the government to become aware of the reality of our times. We call on you to take the necessary measures now to address the climate catastrophe. We call on you to trust in the people of this country and to implement the suggestions from the Citizens' Climate Assembly.

Let us strengthen our society and institutions together so that we can face the crises of this century together.
With love and courage,

The food savers
the last generation

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