Statement on Nancy Faeser and extended disruptions

For the fifth day in a row, “Essen Save Lives” is once again on Germany’s busiest highway. And we're getting more, this morning it was blocked four times. People came from several cities.

Berlin's Interior Senator Iris Spranger announced a "new police line" against the road blockades and Interior Minister Nancy Faeser supports it.

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser. Photo: Frank Ossenbrink/imago images

We are still more afraid of losing our country than we are of the Interior Minister. The laws can be changed, the penalties increased, our savings plundered and we thrown in prison. But anyone who shoots the messenger cannot destroy the message: our country is facing the greatest danger it has ever seen, and our government is failing us.

Federal government ministers, including Marco Buschmann and Cem Özdemir, should also have the courage to face this reality.

If Interior Secretary Nancy Faeser believes, as she says, that our actions are outrageous and illegal, and if she believes that there is no right for people to cause disruption in order to prevent the infinitely greater threat of destroying our economy and way of life, then she has a duty to act decisively. Take us to court, charge us and put us in prison. The government should have the courage to deal with it, one way or another.

Citizens are blocking the A100 again and are demanding a food-saving law now!

Several politicians and federal ministers agree that food can no longer be wasted. We receive invitations to talk and understanding of the request. But we don't need nice words. We need action.

We are still knowingly destroying our soil and with it our food supply. We spray pesticides, cut down forests, pump pigs full of antibiotics and produce food that is thrown away. This is not responsible handling of food. This is pure mockery for the hard-working farmers of our country.

Olaf Scholz can change that now! The finished legal text for a food-saving law is on his table and must be passed immediately. With a real agricultural transition by 2030, our soils can also become healthy again. Humus soils could remove CO2 from the atmosphere and contribute to solving the climate emergency instead of fueling it.

Olaf, you have it in your hands now. Either you implement measures that the broad population supports. Or you lock us up. Because we will not let up and warn about the climate emergency until the government acts.

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