Ricarda Lang statement

The newly elected Green Party leader Ricarda Lang took a positive stance on the motorway blockades at the weekend. She asks the right question when she says, “However, we should ask ourselves why young people resort to such means.” The answer is very simple: “We have a 98% chance of killing our children.” That is the quintessence of what Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, former chief advisor to the federal government and one of the world's most renowned climate scientists, said on ZDF.

No one, neither the protesting citizens nor the federal government, wants a future in which we have a 98% probability of sending our children to die, in this they are connected by deep humanity. Because such a future will affect everyone in the population in the things that are most important to them in life. No mother wants her child to starve; no father wants his child to die in war.

That's why it's incomprehensible that Olaf Scholz doesn't face up to his responsibility and doesn't simply pass a food-saving law. The general public would stand behind you, Mr. Scholz!

Right now, 10 people are locked in solitary cells in Berlin Tempelhof. They are imprisoned because deep connections and charity towards their fellow human beings have motivated them to take responsibility. Responsibility for reminding you and your government, Mr. Scholz, of your own government responsibility. If you continue to allow our precious food to be wasted, then you will be letting the German population down. Especially those who go to bed hungry today.

Olaf, do your job!


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