Horse manure and “stolen goods” in ministries

Berlin 15.02.2022 – In the fourth week of the “Essen Saving – Saving Lives” campaigns, the food rescuers of the last generation are once again targeting the official residences of political decision-makers.

After another motorway blockade - outside Berlin - by "Essen Retten - Leben Save" took place in the morning, the Essenretter:innen are now bringing the call, which is also growing louder among the population, for a food-saving law and the agricultural transition by 2030 directly to the responsible ministries for food and agriculture as well as justice.

With piles of “containered” food (i.e. food saved from supermarket garbage cans) – i.e. stolen goods according to current law – the food rescuers in the BMJ demanded that the responsible minister, Marco Buschmann (FDP), immediately stop the absurd food waste. To this end, supermarkets should be obliged to pass on edible food, because “Food is for people, not for trash!”

“The government must finally protect our right to food! How can it be that people in Germany are starving but our food continues to be thrown away?” said Carla Hinrichs, spokeswoman for the last generation

The committed citizens in the Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL) also made the grievances clear and continued to demand a comprehensive agricultural turnaround to combat famine that was also threatening in Germany. “The government has no appreciation for our food. She treats our farmers' work like crap. It tramples on our right to food. Anyone who does such crap will also get crap."explains Lea Bonasera as she dumps crap into the foyer. Four citizens stuck themselves in the BMEL while pouring horse manure in the foyer of the ministry.

The committed people demand a comprehensive agricultural turnaround according to the proposals of the citizens' council, which is supported by 80% of the population. Only by implementing these suggestions can agriculture be prepared for future droughts and sudden heavy rains. It is therefore essential to contribute to food security in a drastically changing climate.

Meanwhile, the three food rescuers who were detained by the police overnight have been in custody for more than 24 hours. The detention imposed until 22:30 p.m. this evening is the second 36-hour stay in a solitary cell within a few days for two of them. These people deliberately exposed themselves to this risk to remind the government of its job in the face of impending climate collapse: to protect people's lives. As long as the government continues to disregard the Constitution and risk billions of lives, the “Last Generation” will continue to stand up and act.

Handover of the open letter on Wednesday, February 16.2th.

Tomorrow, on Wednesday, February 16.2th, at 14:00 p.m., the Last Generation will hand over an open letter in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin, once again officially calling on the federal government to take the necessary steps for our future. 

If Mr. Scholz and his cabinet are prepared to really work for the well-being of all of us in the coming decades, then we look forward to meeting them there. In particular, those responsible for the government parties in the area of ​​nutrition, Renate Künast (Greens), Susanne Mittag (SPD) and Dr. Gero Hocker (FDP), were personally invited.  

Press representatives are also cordially invited to be on site to hand over and read out the letter.

In the event that the invited politicians do not appear, we must assume that the governing parties do not care enough about food security in Germany. We will therefore publicly announce our further course of action on the spot.

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Carla Hinrichs
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