Miriam Meyer (Last Generation): “Will paralyze BER with balloons”

Berlin February 23.2.2022, XNUMX | Miriam Meyer, a citizen of the last generation, has just announced live on television (in the “Münchner Runde” on BR) that she will “bring Berlin-Brandenburg Airport to a standstill with balloons” on Friday. The other two of Germany's three largest airports - Frankfurt and Munich - will also be affected by similar actions.

The Last Generation calls for the implementation of the democratic decisions of the Climate Citizens' Assembly, which is representative of the federal population. Its measures are supported by 80% of the population. The Bavarian Interior Minister is now talking about the citizens do not have a majority with their demands.

Miriam Meyer's announcement in full text:

We are all the last generation that can decide whether society collapses.

We have 2-3 years to decide the future of humanity, says British climate expert Sir David King.

We must act before we find ourselves again and again in the rubble of storms and floods. 

I, Miriam Meyer, will come with balloons into the security zone of Berlin Airport the day after tomorrow, Friday February 25th, 2022, and thus bring air traffic to a standstill.
He has to stop. We communicate in advance where the balloons will fly so that there is no danger.

Other food rescuers in Frankfurt, i.e. at FRA Airport and in Munich, will also come out with balloons in the radius around the airport. 

Here too, we are announcing this so that airport operations can be suspended and no people are put at risk.

We recommend that all passengers rebook their flights and apologize for the disruption. 

We will not take actions that endanger airline passengers, but will continue to build a peaceful movement in the face of climate and environmental collapse.

We want a future for our children. We don't want to go hungry.

We are being lied to every bit by the government and many media outlets. Everyone says “It’ll be okay”. But that's not true.

We have 2-3 years to decide the future of humanity.

We demand that the destruction be stopped and that the Citizens' Assembly's recommendations be listened to. Let’s not fool the people in Germany. You are ready for the truth.

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