Last generation with a balloon on the runway - stop the fossil fuel business

Berlin, Munich, February 25.2th: At around 14:30 p.m., two citizens of the last generation, Raul Semmler and Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick, opened the fence to the airport in Munich and Berlin and stood near the tarmac with a balloon in their hand thus bringing the fossil business as usual to a pause. As planned, flight passengers were never at risk. In Frankfurt, citizens were previously arrested by the police. The citizens are taking decisive action against the destruction of our livelihoods and are calling on the federal government to finally listen to the Citizens' Climate Assembly and take measures against climate collapse. 

As early as 7 a.m. this morning, citizens with 99 balloons tied to them were picked up and arrested at Germany's three largest airports. Carla Rochel (20), Miriam Meyer (29) and Lina Eichler (19) are currently in police custody. Carla Rochel has already been brought before a judge; the duration of her detention is still unclear.

Raul Semmler
Raul (37)

“In these dark hours we must rely on our charity. The well-being of all Europeans and global citizens, including in the future, is exactly what we are very concerned about. The war in Ukraine must end NOW! But the exit from the destructive fossil fuel economy must be initiated NOW so that peace can be maintained in Europe and worldwide in the future,”

says Raul Semmler, 37, with an orange balloon in his hand as he opens the fence to the runway at Munich Airport, wishing that he could one day bring children into this world with his wife.

Jana Mestmäcker
Jana (29)

“Due to the federal government's lack of an emergency response to the climate crisis, there will only be more crises and wars in the future. I can't continue to accept this fossilized, deadly business as usual. I can't wait another day. With my conscience I cannot agree otherwise than to oppose the government's slow course and appeal to the population to do the same,"

says Jana Mestmäcker, 29, shortly before she sets off for Frankfurt Airport.

Carla Rochel
Carla (20)

“Industrial agriculture and the mass burning of coal, oil and gas are fueling climate catastrophe. The earth is heating up. This is killing us. The federal government bears responsibility and must act now by listening to the citizens of this country, implementing the first steps immediately and introducing a roadmap for further steps.” 

says Carla Rochel last night in her statement regarding today. She is currently in police custody.

The Last Generation calls on the Federal Government to adopt the recommendations of the Citizens' Council on Climate to implement. These are effective and socially accepted steps to ensure food security and to effectively reduce Germany's greenhouse gas emissions as part of the fight against climate collapse.

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