Last generation blocks three airports – demand for citizen participation

Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, February 23.2.2022, 8: The Last Generation has been blocking airports in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich since 00:XNUMX a.m. This results in massive disruptions to air freight and passenger air traffic. With its actions, the Last Generation is calling for the implementation of the measures of the representative Citizens' Climate Assembly and an immediate food-saving law.

Average age of those blocking: 38 years. Oldest blocker: 72 years old

Citizens block airports in Berlin, Frankfurt & Munich.
Citizens block airports in Berlin, Frankfurt & Munich.

3 airport blockades - 3 years to save our society

The Last Generation presented their demands to Chancellor Scholz last November. However, apart from promises from Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir to “fight food waste”, nothing has happened.

British climate expert Sir David King, who was a permanent adviser to the British Foreign Office on global warming issues in 2013-2017, repeatedly warned: “What we do in the next 3-4 years will determine the future of humanity.” The reason for this limited time window is the tipping points in the climate system, such as the melting of the ice caps at the poles. If too many tipping points are exceeded, the earth enters a hot period. This is where our current civilization collapses.

Ernst (72)

“Politicians ignore these tipping points. We only have 3 years left. Without rapid change, we will lose all control over our climate and thus our food,” says eight-time grandfather Ernst Hörmann, justifying his intervention in Munich air traffic. He adds: “We are heading towards a world with hunger catastrophes on an unprecedented scale. To a world where people fight over food. To a world in which people perish like flies. To a world in which no one will be completely safe anymore. This is not a future I can accept for my grandchildren. I rely on the population’s will to survive.”

Sonja Manderbach
Sonja (45)

“80% of the population supports the decisions of the Citizens’ Climate Assembly. However, politicians do not implement the recommendations and instead lock up the people who stood up for the will of the population. That’s completely absurd!” explains church musician and mother Sonja Manderbach as she sits on the access road to the Frankfurt air freight terminal.

In Berlin, too, Scholz's inaction to implement the democratically legitimized demands is causing massive disruption to passenger air traffic. 

Science proves the last generation is right. She has been warning about the deadly dimensions of the climate crisis for years. From extreme weather events that destroy livelihoods. From rising sea levels that are destroying entire cities. From droughts and heavy rains that destroy our agriculture if it is not prepared for them. That is why the measures of the democratically legitimized Citizens' Climate Assembly must now be implemented. Our agriculture urgently needs to be developed into a constructive agriculture that protects species and the climate. Because it is our life insurance in a drastically changing climate.

But instead of addressing this, the Berlin police are handing over the first criminal proceedings to the public prosecutor's office.

Lars (26)

“We are experiencing enormous social injustice. For a little luxury today we are throwing our children into ruin. People in the global south are already suffering and dying because of the federal government's inaction. In this climate emergency there are only two options: look the other way or take action. “I choose the second option out of love for our democracy and my fellow human beings,” says chef Lars Eshold, making his determination clear despite the threat of criminal proceedings.

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