Food on the highway: New people in three cities join Eat-Save-Life-Save

Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, 08:30: The Last Generation has its campaign Saving food – saving lives expanded again this Friday morning and is currently paralyzing even more people in five locations in Berlin and in two other locations in Frankfurt and Hamburg. The main affected area is again the A100 in Berlin. There they poured food thrown away from supermarkets onto the street. Every year, 18 million tons of good food are thrown away in Germany, which also results in massive emissions. There are also expected to be blockades in other cities today, including Munich.

A100 roadway (eastbound) near Beusselstrasse: Citizens with food thrown away by supermarkets on the motorway.
A100 roadway (eastbound) near Beusselstrasse: Citizens with food thrown away from supermarkets on the motorway.

“The climate expert Schellnhuber says: "We put our children on a global school bus that has a 98 percent chance of being fatal." We only have a few years to act. And we are all the last generation that can act. The first step is to act where it is quickest: wholesalers should no longer throw away food,” says Carla Hinrichs, press spokeswoman.

In view of the impending climate collapse, the last generation is forced to further expand its actions. “The government must fulfill its duty to protect our food and our lives. Supermarkets should be obliged to pass on edible food instead of throwing it away. The legal text based on the French model is available,” says Carla Rochel, 19 years old and a student from Heidelberg, who has now been sitting on the street for the fifth day.

“I value food; This was conveyed to me by my parents – they certainly experienced the shortage. And today we simply throw away tons and tons every day. Look at this on the street - all food from the trash! We have to change that. You don't throw away food; Every child knows this!" said 71-year-old Ernst Hörmann, blocker and grandfather of 8 grandchildren.

In the past week there had been repeated massive disruptions to traffic in the capital and other cities across the country. There were over 90 arrests, 26 last Monday alone.

It is clear that the issue of the climate emergency and food waste has come into the debate through the actions of the last generation.

The federal government has a plan to become climate neutral by 2045, which is obviously unrealistic. We will exceed the targeted 1,5 degrees of warming as early as 2030.

“Where is our climate chancellor? Olaf, do your job!” shouts one of the people blocking.

Blockades are planned in other German cities for the rest of the day; The actions will continue next week. As announced, the actions were paused for the last three days to commemorate the death of two German police officers.

Since the formation of the government, the Last Generation has written to the Chancellor, the Agriculture Minister and all parties, but has received no serious response. We call on the government to commit to implementing the 19 measures of the Citizens' Climate Assembly for an agricultural turnaround by 2030 and, as a first step, to implement a food-saving law. These are steps accepted by the majority of society to prevent impending famine and save billions of human lives. “As soon as we hear a meaningful commitment that we can trust, we will step off the road,” the group announced.

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