No blockages today: Scholz, Buschmann and Özdemir invited to talks

Yesterday we were at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Justice so that we could finally #EssenRettenLebenSetten.
We need Chancellor Olaf Scholz from the Citizens' Climate Assembly to be taken seriously seriously - our demands for, among other things, a food-saving law are derived from them.

Cem Özdemir, Olaf Scholz & Marco Buschmann
Cem Özdemir (© Marijan Murat/dpa), Olaf Scholz (© Kay Nietfeld/dpa) & Marco Buschmann (© imago images/Xinhua)

We had crap in the Department of Agriculture because we treat our food and our farmers like crap. In order to end this injustice, we must now initiate the agricultural transition.
We went to the Justice Department with food to make it clear: The government must allow everyone to have enough to eat by banning food waste with a food-saving law.

We continue to invite people to the Reichstag today at 14 p.m. to get an answer to our demand.
Cem Özdemir and Gaby Kirschbaum explicitly wanted talks, but have turned them down since the beginning of the year. So far, Justice Minister Marco Buschmann has not taken a stance to establish a mandatory reduction in waste instead of punishing the saving of food (containers).
The Ministry of Agriculture says that Bushmann and Özdemir have already agreed on this. Olaf Scholz has not yet commented.

We will not block today for the time being. The people responsible for nutrition from all three traffic light parties were invited to find and act on solutions to the conflict in front of the Reichstag.
We don't want empty conversations without action. If there is no serious statement about our demand today, we will make an announcement about further actions. 
We want the government to do its job.

Invitation to the Reichstag today at 14 p.m

Today we are inviting politicians to the Reichstag at 14 p.m. to find a solution to the situation with the blockades together. If politicians there promise us a food-saving law, we will – as promised – not continue the blockades.
If there is no appropriate reaction from the political side, we will announce further action in the following days and weeks after the open letter has been handed over or read out.

We warmly invite you as the press to be there. The event has already been agreed with the assembly authority and the Ministry of the Interior.

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