Peace message: 99 balloons over airports

Fuss about balloon action of the last generation against fossil wars and for citizen participation

BER, FRA, MUC: Since this morning around 7.30:99 a.m., people in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich have been sitting in front of the airport gates with 99 orange balloons. Three citizens of the last generation entered the security areas of the airports with XNUMX balloons tied to them each and were detained for “security reasons”. Two people were arrested in Berlin. Flight passengers were not endangered.
The citizens are addressing the federal government, which urgently needs to turn away from its deadly course towards climate collapse and further fossil fuel wars.

99 Luftballoons

These are black days for our society. We all look to Eastern Europe with concern and stand in solidarity with everyone affected. “Without question, we are in a serious situation, in the midst of a fossil fuel war.says Claudia Kemfert, energy expert

The federal government and its dependence on fossil fuels fuels conflict. The result: wars, famine, flight and massive misery. We need fundamental change to be safe. Anyone who delays the energy transition and doesn't listen to the citizens' assembly will lead us into resource wars. 
The next 2-3 years are crucial!
We find ourselves forced to pause in everyday life. While a terrible war is underway in Ukraine, we cannot continue to watch as the federal government lets us slide into the abyss where wars will become the order of the day around the world.

Carla Rochel
Carla (20)

"We see crises hitting our society like tsunami waves. Corona and destructive wars are terrible and at the same time harbingers of a global destruction of our security, order and lives. 
We must stop the destruction now!

says Carla Rochel, 20, at Munich Airport (MUC) with 99 balloons in her hands.

We stand against the government's course of death and despair, and against the failure of politics and the media. Together with the citizens of this country, we are on the only morally right side: resistance to the fossil fuel business as usual. Article 20a of the Basic Law and the democratic plans of a citizens' assembly enjoy more legitimacy than the current coalition agreement.

Miriam Meyer
Miriam (29)

"We want peace for ourselves and our children. Aware of the crisis and fully committed to our survival, we say stop. We break the ignorance of society and government. The population is ready to learn the truth about the climate tipping points and, with this awareness, to finally change course.",

says Miriam, 29, at Berlin Airport (BER) while being arrested by the police.

Janek Hesse
Janek (34)

"We condemn our government's lack of comprehensive crisis awareness and demand the involvement of the citizens of this country. 
The population is ready! She is ready to find measures together in citizens' assemblies and to choose a path that the government has failed to take

says Janek, 34, at Frankfurt Airport (FRA).

We don't want to endanger anyone with our actions. It is an act of love and affection for the people on this planet who we want to protect from the unfathomable misfortune of climate collapse.

The Last Generation calls on the Federal Government to adopt the recommendations of the Citizens' Council on Climate to implement. These are effective and socially accepted steps to ensure food security and to effectively reduce Germany's greenhouse gas emissions as part of the fight against climate collapse.

Press Contact
Carla Hinrichs
Phone: +49 641 201099549
E-mail: [email protected]


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