FDP – When will you stop throwing our lives away?

Berlin, February 24.2.2022, 14: Citizens of the last generation threw tomatoes, oranges and other vegetables against the wall of the FDP party headquarters at around 45:XNUMX p.m. Some citizens were arrested by the police. They demand that the FDP stop standing in the way, finally respond to the Citizens' Climate Assembly and save their food - instead of sending them into starvation due to the climate catastrophe. At the same time, representatives spoke to Renate Künast (Greens).

Citizens throw vegetables against the wall of the FDP party headquarters in Berlin.

The German economy will collapse if food prices rise and rise or supermarket shelves are emptied. Our families, communities and the entire young generation are being led into a fate of immeasurable suffering. Does the FDP really want to continue to stand in the way and take responsibility for it?
We have 2-3 years to stop this.

Christian (40)

"I want a future for my children. We all don't want to go hungry. We address our fellow human beings and ask them, especially in their role as decision-makers, not to close their eyes to the truth, even if it is unpleasantsays Christian Bläul, 40 years old, physicist and father of two children.

At the same time, Lea Bonasera (24) and Henning Jeschke (22) spoke to Renate Künast, the Green Party's food policy spokesperson. After being told yesterday by Susanne Mittag (SPD) “We have had completely different crises” were left out in the rain.

Even after the conversation with Renate Künast, we have to acknowledge that politicians do not act as they would in the face of an emergency, which will result in immeasurable human suffering.

Why do politicians continue to let us run into the open knife instead of making an immediate start with simple, obvious steps?

Lena (19)

"We are being completely screwed over by the government and many media outlets. Everyone says “It’ll be okay”. But that's not true. It's time to face the truthsays Lina, 19, who is currently missing her high school diploma out of concern for her future.

How much people in Germany want measures that will protect us from social collapse is made clear by the ongoing solidarity actions with the last generation: In Bremen, Braunschweig, Stuttgart and Hamburg, citizens are saving food from garbage cans today and tomorrow distribute.

The Last Generation calls on the Federal Government to adopt the recommendations of the Citizens' Council on Climate to implement. These are effective and socially accepted steps to ensure food security and to effectively reduce Germany's greenhouse gas emissions as part of the fight against climate collapse.

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