Food rescuers still locked up – renewed road blockages on the A100

Today, supporters of the “Last Generation” group are once again disrupting traffic on the A100, one of Germany’s most important traffic arteries. After the “Last Generation” proclaimed the A100 as a place of “non-violent civil resistance” with its campaign “Save Food – Save Lives” on Sunday evening, its supporters are also calling for an end to state-tolerated food waste today and are calling for it for the second day in a row the traffic comes to a standstill. In a total of three places in Berlin, they are demanding an immediate food-saving law from the federal government due to traffic disruptions at motorway exits. After blockades had also taken place in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt in the past few days, Freiburg added 12 citizens to the blockades in Berlin yesterday with XNUMX citizens on the streets.

The road blockades of the last few weeks have already caused severe traffic disruptions across the country. Significant restrictions are also expected for this Tuesday. While the sympathy or antipathy of the directly affected drivers is discussed, there is usually no substantive discussion of the initiative's demands, says Carla Rochel, one of the participants in the blockades:

"I don't want this disruption! And I don't want to be here and subject myself to the displeasure of drivers. However, if we continue on this deadly course, the consequences will affect each of us in terrible ways. That's why everyone should think about what to do at this moment in history. Many more citizens are needed in peaceful civil resistance!"

The deadly course is to be taken literally here. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, former chief advisor to the federal government and one of the world's most renowned climate scientists, said the following on ZDF: “We push our children into a global school bus that has a 98% chance of fatal accident".

This grim outlook should be reason enough for any government to halt any CO2 emissions that can be avoided. Especially when it comes to those that have no benefit at all, but rather those that are caused by pure waste. Like the 22 million tons of greenhouse gases caused by the 18 million tons of food that end up in the trash in Germany every year. Now the government under Olaf Scholz could directly implement the easy-to-fulfill demand of “Save Food – Save Lives”. They are supported by society as a whole and democratically legitimized. Instead, Germany is allowing all climate targets to be missed and citizens who protest against this are being locked up.

Ernst Hörmann (72)
Karl Braig
Karl Braig (66)

Two food rescuers have been sitting in a cell in Berlin since yesterday evening. Ernst Hörmann (72) and Karl Braig (66). It is their responsibility to the lives of their children and the lives of all future generations that motivate them to act.

"As the father of two sons, I see no other way to take concrete action now to leave them a future worth living. As a member of a generation that is partly responsible for this ever-increasing destruction, I am now resisting together with young people. We older people should have done this much earlier, but it is not too late.” Karl Braig (66) has been sitting in a police cell since yesterday morning.

It is therefore time to ask Olaf Scholz the question: “Do you really want to have peaceful citizens locked up instead of ensuring that no more food is wasted in Germany? Is it really too much to ask to ensure that food goes to needy families instead of being destroyed in waste incineration plants or ending up in landfills with all the plastic packaging to rot?"

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