Food rescuers block Köhlbrandbrücke for the second time in one day - Citizens' Council or storm surges?

Hamburg, this morning at 07:30 a.m., supporters of the “Save Food - Save Lives” campaign repeatedly blocked the Köhlbrand Bridge and other main traffic arteries around the port of Hamburg. Overall, the Köhlbrand Bridge was impassable for almost the entire day. As of 20 p.m., only one lane is still passable. There were also massive traffic disruptions in Freiburg, Stuttgart and Göttingen today.

Food rescuers are blocking Köhlbrand Bridge for the second time in one day and are calling for a food-saving law now!

In order to cause the greatest possible disruption, the food rescuers stuck themselves to the road not only with superglue, but this time also with construction foam. They also spread 60 liters of rapeseed oil on the road after informing the police about it. They are increasing the disruption because it is now necessary to implement the measures of the Citizens' Climate Assembly so that a change of direction can take place. And where does the need for a change of course become clearer than in a city that has been flooded by storm surges twice in the past few days?

This morning, 20-year-old Carla Rochel and other people blocked the road at the end of the Köhlbrandbrücke, near Finkenwerder Straße. She was stuck. After a few hours, the food rescuers were removed by the police. At around 17:00 p.m., Carla Rochel and other citizens stepped onto the road again and once again clung to the asphalt in the bitter cold.

The psychology student explained her motivations and determination as follows: “I'm sitting here on the street because our federal government is still doing nothing to save our food. A third of our food ends up in the bin every day. And I'm really starting to get desperate because we have a federal government that knows what's happening and is still running into a climate collapse with all eyes on it [...]."

After a while, the police removed the people from the road. They would then be arrested and taken to a police station. Carla Rochel will most likely spend tonight in a cold solitary cell.

Should our young people be treated like this if they insist that all of our livelihoods are not destroyed? Feel free to ask yourself that in your next editorial. Feel free to ask Olaf Scholz that.

Olaf, why aren't you doing your job?

Statement from leading scientists on climate facts:

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